Evaluation Questions

Published May 12, 2013 by moniquefearon

3) What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Watching video for their feedback Watching video for their feedbackMiss D watching our music video


Miss D music video feedback

From this audience feedback I have learnt that our music video was successful to portray a pop music video as she said that the artists were sexy and animated and also the effects used were very good to make the video fun to watch. These are all common elements of pop music videos and her stating this shows that we achieved to show conventions of pop in our work. She also said that we could have added more effects to make it look more over the top and more like a pop music video.

Sahar music video feedback

Sahar picked up on the “costumes, background and scenery” and said she really liked them. This shows that it did target our audience of young adults from the ages of 16-21 year old- mainly girls. These are things they look at to gain inspiration and to copy. She also liked our camera work, which I found was also good and steady, not shaky. She liked our angles and how we presented our artist by using them. However next time she said we could add more ‘colour contrasts’ which would make our work more eye catching and interesting and more like a pop music video.

Kevon music video feedback

From this audience feedback I found out that he liked how it was constructed and edited, showing that our techniques have improved since AS and that it was a good video. This also shows that our editing skills were seen, and he liked the transitions, effects and colour mixers we used to enhance our work. He also states that the video is intense, which also shows our video is successful because a pop video is always fast and fun. He also states to have more locations.

People agreeing with the video feedback responses

This is further elaboration about the audience feedback


Why we used special effects?

Published May 11, 2013 by moniquefearon

We chose to use special effects on our music video as using special effects made our video look more ‘poppy’ , fun and bright. Listening to our target audience feedback about our previous music video (with little special effects), they said that we should add more special effects in it to make it look more ‘poppy’. We also did research on other pop music videos such as Rihanna- rude boy and she used a lot of special effects on her video. We thought using special effects like Rihanna, would make our video look more colourful and ‘poppy’ too.

Check out her video below:

Music video (Mise en scene)

Published May 11, 2013 by moniquefearon

In our music video, the props we used was fake nails, a chair and a hand-made car. We used those props because these props made the video look more exciting .

Equipment we used was a camera, music player and spot lights. We used those equipment because they were very important in the process of making our music video and without these equipment making the music video never would have happened.