How has music changed over time?

Published October 2, 2012 by moniquefearon
“Music has changed overtime, and stayed the same, in numerous ways. -Record labels used truly care about developing their artists -Today, most record labels give you one shot and want you to just have hit songs -Bands used to fit loosely into the genres -Now there’s 30 sub-genres for each genre and most musicians don’t normally cross-over (music has become very specific)
-Before the internet, bands from small towns probably couldn’t be found -Now that there’s the internet, musicians can post audio and videos on sites such as YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. For example on youtube, you have the £1 pound fish man. “
 “ <–Orginial” <–Now with a music video.
“R&B/Soul music in the 60’s was less popular than other less-talent white groups because of their race. Later, when the Civil Rights Movement showed black pride, it was rediscovered. Now, R&B/soul is very popular. Usher is one of the popular R&B/soul artists today.Rock in the 60’s was huge. The Beatles were one of the many popular bands and at one point they had the top 5 records in the Billboard 100. They were British, which influenced other groups to act like Brits (dressing like British people and faking British accents.)”

“Another popular rock band was the Beach Boys. Now, there are different sub-genres of rock music such as alternative rock, punk rock, pop rock, indie-rock, and many more. The Beatles and Beach Boys were also pop artists in the 60’s. “You Won’t See Me” was one of the Beatles’ pop songs and “I Get Around” was one of the Beach Boys’ hit pop songs.
Today, popular pop artists include Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and many more. Most pop songs right now are about love.”
This research will impact my final product as it allows me to understand the changes in music. It also helps me to understand how music is distributed i.e. YouTube.

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