Codes and and Convention- Part 1

Published October 5, 2012 by moniquefearon
Research taken from heathenmedia:

Music Genre – Codes and Conventions RnB-

RnB – Jason Derulo – It Girl

“These are all typical features of an RnB music video with glamorous people and scenes, expensive items such as the house and car and the use of black people, particularly women. Pools and beaches are often used and although they aren’t used a lot in this video there is the beach balcony view and beach in the background of shots showing that they are in an expensive location. The cross chain Jason Derulo wears is a typical example of the kind of bling used in RnB videos however it is not as stereotypical as having big more expensive looking chains for example ones that 50 Cent wears in his videos. His clothing is typical of an RnB video as mentioned before he looks dapper in a suit and wears stereotypical clothing.”

 beach scene

 leather jacket, bling

 make-up, well kept hair, provocative”

This research will impact me on my final product as it will allow me to understand the codes and conventions of a RnB music video. Since i’m still looking for what music genre to do, I thought it would be a good idea to look at other music video genres to help me make a decision of what music genre to do.




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