My Target Audience (Audience Profile)

Published October 18, 2012 by moniquefearon

For our music video our target audience is teenagers between the ages of 16-21. We changed it to 16-21 instead of 16-18 because the song choice was quite explicit and provocative.

Audience Profile

Gender: Male/ Female

Age: 16-21

Religion: Agonist

Schooling/Education: Their in high school or in university. Still studying

Occupation: Work as a paper round

Marital Status: Single

Income/spending power: Relies on parents to give them money sometimes but mostly has their own money to spend

Nationality: British

Lifestyle: Loves to shop for the latest trends, loves to buy and listen to pop music such as Nicki Minaj and Cassie. Loves to order takeaways and relax to pop music.

Our target audience love to listen to pop music such as Nicki Minaj and Cassie. They are confident within themselves and around others. They feel a sense of escapism when they listen to pop. They mostly look out for the newest pop music and have a youtube playlist mostly full of pop music. They like to share new pop music with their friends and family and express how they feel about the song. Our target audience would like our pop music video as it has most of the conventions in a pop music video e.g extreme close ups and two of their favourite artist’s song. Their interest are listening to pop, finding out more about their favourite pop artist and finding the newest pop songs.

Likes: Nicki Minaj, pop music, Cassie, Good food, free stuff, sweets like skittles and chocolates like galaxy, walking, sports,  dancing, singing, adventure films, spending time with family and friends, loves the internet.

Dislikes: Anti-social behaviour, Binge Drinking, Smoking.


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