How to publish a music video- Part 1

Published October 22, 2012 by moniquefearon

Research taken from wikihow:


“If we wanted to publish our music video using a Publisher, this is what we would have to consider:

  1. Define your genre and stick to it. Since publishers look for new material based on genre, it’s better for you to focus your songwriting in a single genre; you can also cross over to other genres later.
  2. Create a demo.
  3. Submit your music to publishers directly. Search the performing rights organisation. Look for song titles and writers in your genre, find out who publishes them, and research how you can submit your songs. Another way to find publishers is to pick up Billboard Magazine, look up songs on the Hot 100, R&B or Country charts in your genre, and see the accompanying list of publishers. Call the publisher to confirm who you should send your music to, and in what format.
  4. Network within the music industry. This is so important that if you don’t live in or near a city where people can make a living writing songs (a ‘music centre’) then you should seriously consider moving.
    • Attend industry functions
    • Hang out wherever the ‘movers and shakers’ in your industry and genre hang out
    • Go to songwriter nights
    • Be assertive yet polite when meeting key people in the industry; remember that they are probably bombarded by pushy starving artists every day.
    • Co-write songs with both published and unpublished artists (you never know when someone you’ve worked with will introduce you to their publisher, now or later)
  5. When you’re offered a publishing contract, get a lawyer. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to sign with a particular publisher:

    • How quickly can the publisher pay?
    • Does the publisher have an international network to collect money abroad via sub-publishing agreements or via membership of overseas collection societies?
    • How is publishing income split with songwriting partners or other members of the band? Straighten this out from the start so you don’t battle it out later in court.
    • If the person who signed you leaves the company, are there others who are as enthusiastic about your music as they were who can pick up where they left off?
    • Does the publisher specialise in your genre?
    • Can the publisher pay an advance?
    • Do you prefer a large or small publisher?”

      This research will impact on my final product (music video) as it helps me to understand how I can publish a music video. This is something I can perhaps use when i’m uploading my music video. 


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